Friends. Buddies.

Hate to say it but this topic is WAaaaAY overrated. And I don’t usually go for those.
However, it is always a question that intrigues my dim mind to write something on this seriously neglected blog of mine. Forgive me, the kepoyoan starts here:

The question. A very close friend of mine asked me this. Why are you always happy? Dun dun dun. Happy? HAPPY? Have you not been paying attention?

But that’s the reality of life–er my life. I keep for myself a group of friends I consider dearest to me. How is it not apparent to them how my life is? Am I not considered dear to them? Maybe I never told them. Maybe its them who never paid any attention.

Let see. I’m the noisy one. Sometimes. Does that mean I don’t enjoy quit light conversations? I’m the one with the ideas. Does that mean I’m happy all the time? What happened to those times where I needed support? my ‘fragile’ mode?


Where Dreams Become Reality

Every day, images of great and grand happenings roll across the screen of your marvelous mind. You have dreams… you have always had dreams, as far back in your life as your memory will take you.

You dream of who you would like to “BE.”
You dream of things you would like to “DO.”
You dream of what you would like to “HAVE.”
You dream of places you would like to “GO.”

 enjoy this video: i have a dream by westilfe

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Hero by Mariah Carey

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10 Simple Success Formulas



Law of Attraction


1. Picture Yourself Already Achieving Your Goal

2. Model Other Successful People

3. Believe In Your Abilities

4. Have a Purpose

5. Organize Yourself

6. Understand Your Goals

7. Write Objectives Down

8. Create a Plan of Action

9. Use a Checklist

10. Tackle One Goal at a Time



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Two ways to live your life


There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything is a miracle.

” When you believe everything is a miracle you create a miracle mindset and start to see little miracles all around you.

Like putting on a new pair of glasses, the world looks different.

You see the miracle of life in a newborn baby. You feel the miracle of love in a warm embrace.

You observe Allah’s miracles and abundance everywhere, in everything; even in challenges and pain.


lose our strength

strength is knowing you can endure
having a gallant spirit
feeling an unshakable resolve
taking heart despite setbacks
having stamina


source: FrambaTV @youtube

everyday before sleep and wake up we must think and talk to our self like that”

: my mind, body and spirit are strong

: i take time each day to rejuvenate and reschange

: i draw from a deep well of peace and calm

: i can accomplish anything

: i am strong

: i can do anything i put my mind to

: i focus on my goal and have the strength to make it happend



Give Up….why you give up

Sometime we feel not strength, not enough power in life, study, working…


Ok this is kinda simple. First don’t give up on a dream Make five year plans. If the pan is not completed in the five years reevaluate the plan and make another five year plan. If you come within your goal in less than the five years , start a new goal and make yet another five year plan. It ( A) gives you a reachable goal and (B) keeps you motivated and not feeling as nothing ever goes right in your life.

Also keeping a journal of events during that time period helps you to realize your ups and downs  Life isn’t easy It never will be If life were easy then it would probably be boring.

See things as a challenge and not a failure.

You can have a lot of fun with your life this way. It is a great thing to not waste it

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Tips to be good listener


How to become a better listener.

1. Stop Thinking- Be in the moment and hear what the person is saying.

2. Mirror Body Language- We do this subconsciously a lot of times but you start to do it more when you are aware of it. Don’t mock the person just match them with at least a 3 second delay.

3. Scanning Eye Method- Keep eye contact by looking at the forehead, noise and chin of the person talking. This is good if you are uncomfortable with direct eye contact.

4. Repeat what they say in a question form to clarify you are listening.

5.Compliment the person on the thought or subject even if you object to their point. There is always something you can say nice


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Appreciate…everyone need…what do you say to say when you appreciate?

Everyone in this world want a good life. What is appreciate? From appreciate is to be fully conscious of; be aware of; detect: to appreciate the dangers of a situation.

Make it simple,

say what you really feel

not some stereo type phrases,

Any meant from the heart works even if you blabber

I would love to do something along with the words.. may be..

give some pretty flowers like the one on your avatar!

a box of chocolates

a smile a gesture… what ever.. from your heart




try to understand people around you….




1>) If a person laugh too much, even at stupid things, he/she lonely deep inside…

2>) If a person sleeps a lot, he is sad….

3>) If a person speaks less, but speaks fast, he has secret

4>)If some one can’t cry, he/she is weak

5>) If some eats in an abnormal manner, he/she is tense

6>) If some one cries on little things, he/she is innocent & soft heart

7>) If some one becomes angry over silly or petty (small) things, it means he/she needs    love